Jason Lee Six Sigma

President of Six Sigma

Jason Lee is an American entrepreneur, with a focus on the real estate industry. He was born and raised in Asia (Korea and Hong Kong) until the age of 10 when his family relocated to Long Island.


Jason Lee attended Boston College and graduated in 1999. It was at this point that he landed a sales job at a computer supplies company, which also marked the beginning of his career in real estate. The computer supplies company he worked for had enlisted Victoria’s Secret as one of its clients, and that’s how Jason became friends with one of the fashion company’s managers. The manager introduced and mentored Jason on business contracting, and in a short while he started landing gigs, including 1 million worth of jobs at Victoria’s Secret. As the gigs increased, he formalized them by becoming a developer with the formation of a J-Tek, a real estate company. Through this company, he landed his first developer job in 2007. Two years later, Jason Lee formed Six Sigma, where he is currently the president. Six Sigma NYC has been so successful that since inception, it has handled projects worth more than $300 million. Recently, in 2017, the company got a $77 million loan for a high line condo project. It’s one of Jason’s hallmarks as the company’s president. Even while running such a successful company, Jason always creates time for his family. He is always in touch with his wife and always makes sure to be home by early evening, for dinner with his son. Outside of work and family, Jason is an outgoing person and enjoys spending time out with his friends. It’s his way of unwinding and bonding.